by D.W. Lundberg

Friday, March 25, 2011


Yesterday, Finding The Wrong Words reached a minor milestone: 7,000 page views, officially. That means I've had 7,000 visitors to the blog, whether it's someone who's read an actual post I've published, someone checking to see if there's been a new post published since the previous post, or someone who's stumbled onto the blog by mistake. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful to have so many of you visit on a regular basis, as I've always wanted to share my personal rantings and ravings with folks outside my regular circles. I count my family and friends as my biggest fans, of course, though I've also had comments from readers in the United Kingdom among other places, and I'm grateful as well for your comments as it lets me know you're actually out there, willing to lend me an ear (or eyes) for at least a moment or two. Thank you.

I realize that 7,000 page views isn't exactly breaking any records. Just this week, as a matter of fact, Charlie Sheen scored 3 million followers on Twitter over the course of a single day (this on the heels of his much-publicized release from CBS TV's Two & A Half Men). From that perspective, when you consider that FTWW has been up and running since February 2010, a number like 7,000 is far from impressive.

But still, to me that's a pretty big deal. Especially since – outside of my home at least – I am hardly a celebrity. It means that, somewhere out there... someone is reading. And had their interest sufficiently peaked enough to come back once, twice, maybe three times a week to check things out. That's good, because I've tried to make this blog a fun place to visit, with entries that aim to tweak your approach to movie watching (MacGuffin With Egg, Screenwriting 101), offer a unique spin on projects you'd find on other sites (Best Films of the Decade), or cover topics I haven't been able to find anywhere else (Franchise Face-Offs). My only wish is that I could hear back from you a little more often (i.e., PLEASE COMMENT!), not just to let me know you're out there but also to give me some honest feedback on those entries you like versus those that you don't. Ah, well. I guess you can't win 'em all.

Anyway, in keeping with our number theme, I though we'd celebrate with a quiz. Your job: complete the partial movie title below with its appropriate numerical value. (Example: _______ Of The Condor = Three Days Of The Condor.) Sound simple enough? Give it a try! And we'll see you back here with my Next Great Post in a bit.


1)   Gone In _______ Seconds

2)   The Taking Of Pelham _______

3)   _______: Conquest Of Paradise

4)   _______ Miles To Graceland

5)   _______ Monkeys

6)   The _______ Steps

7)   _______ Days Later

8)   THX-_______

9)   _______ Years B.C.

10)  _______ Candles

11)  Around The World In _______ Days

12)  The Beast From _______ Fathoms


  1. Very clever Darin! I don't have time to take the quiz now but I will soon! Good job!

  2. 1) Gone In Sixty Seconds

    2) The Taking Of Pelham 123

    3) 1492: Conquest Of Paradise

    4) 3,000 Miles To Graceland

    5) Twelve Monkeys

    6) The 12? Steps

    7) 28 Days Later

    8) THX-1138

    9) 10,000 Years B.C.

    10) Sixteen Candles

    11) Around The World In Eighty Days

    12) The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

  3. I usually post the answers inside the text of the blog itself, but here are the correct titles for anyone who's still playing:

    1) Gone In 60 Seconds

    2) The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3

    3) 1492: Conquest Of Paradise

    4) 3,000 Miles To Graceland

    5) 12 Monkeys

    6) The 39 Steps

    7) 28 Days Later

    8) THX-1138

    9) One Million Years B.C.

    10) Sixteen Candles

    11) Around The World In 80 Days

    12) The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms