by D.W. Lundberg

Friday, March 20, 2015


So here we are, back for another round of celebrity doppelgangers. Believe it or not, I'd just barely finished up our previous post on the subject when I immediately thought of 15-20 more AWSPOAFMs who could have just as easily made the cut. But that's all for the greater good, I guess, since I was hoping to expand this into a regular column anyway.

As expected, the reaction was a typical one, with enough Facebook friends submitting their own ideas for future brother/sister/parent pair-ups to last us an additional post or two. Also as promised, I will be taking those suggestions and including them here, one per post, in addition to some of my own. As always, your recommendations are welcome, either below or on FTWW's Facebook page. Let's keep this game going for as long as we can!

Gillian Anderson          Vera Farmiga
(The X-Files, The House   (The Departed, Orphan,
Of Mirth, The Fall)       Source CodeBates Motel)

Possible Relation: Sisters

Notes: It was the eyes, and that ferocious intelligence behind them, that sparked my unending crush on Ms. Anderson from the very first episode of The X-Files (1993). And it's not hard to spot those same sultry smarts behind Ms. Farmiga's eyes, in films such as Up In The Air (2009) and The Conjuring (2013). The two could play sisters fiercely loyal to their cause and to each other.

Ben Foster                Josh Hutcherson
(The Punisher, 3:10 To    (Bridge To Terabithia,
Yuma, Lone Survivor)      The Hunger Games)

Possible Relation: Brothers

Notes: As if the actor playing Angel/Warren Worthington III (Foster) in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) split his body into the actor playing Peeta Mellark (Hutcherson) in The Hunger Games (2012). Like a variant on The Portrait Of Dorian Gray, with one becoming ruggedly handsome while the other retains his boyish good looks.

And finally, our last AWSPOAFM for the day was actually suggested by two friends at once, so you know that makes it too good to pass up. Special thanks to Liz Peterson Ibarra and Becky Sisson Dallin for the suggestion(s)!

Julia Roberts             Monica Potter
(Pretty Woman, Notting    (Con AirPatch Adams,
Hill, Ocean's Eleven)     Parenthood)

Possible Relation: Sisters

Notes: Since Ms. Potter first caught my attention in Con Air (1997), I've always thought the similarities were uncanny. It's the lips, maybe, or the shape of their faces. Or their fearless, take-no-crap-from-anybody attitude. But Monica could definitely play Julia's wise-beyond-her-years baby sister any day.


Okay, Faithful Reader. The floor is now yours. Can you spot the connections above? Or think they look nothing alike? Agree/disagree at will!

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